High Priority Case

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High Priority Case
Type Co-op Mission
Players 1 - 4
Rank 25
NPC Lester
Money Reward $3500
RP Reward 1650

High Priority Case is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online. Rank 25 or higher players can talk to Lester to start the mission. Players are awarded with $3500 GTA$ and 1650 Rank Points for completing the mission.


"I need another favor. Some documents are about to change hands that would be very useful to me. Security system plans - seems we both have eyes on the same prize. The exchange has been set up at a construction site on top of a skyscraper in Downtown so you'll need a helicopter. Bring the briefcase to the warehouse. Make this happen and I won't forget it."

A very easy mission, there are two ways to do it

The unlikely case (someone in your team has to own a helicopter at lvl 25)
Fly to the building, get the documents, deliver to drop off point

The much more likely case
1. get a fast car (and possibly an armored one)
2. break into the heavily guarded military base (you get 4 start from the moment you cross the border, but it doesn't matter, because the soldiers kill you even faster then the police)
3. steal a military jet fighter (there should be a few parked if front of the hangars, at this point you might think "why don't I just steal a heli, it would be much easier to land on top of a building", good luck with that, no helicopters spawn during this mission anywhere on the map)
4. fly the jet fighter to the exchange and kill the enemies using your plane's machine guns (you could use the guided rockets, but it would result in you blowing up the guy holding the documents you have to obtain and failing the mission)
5. after you killed most of the guys land the jet on top of the sky scraper (plenty of space, about 10 square meters, and by the way mind the cranes), kill the remaining enemies, grab the evidence and basejump off the skyscraper using the parachute you got in the plane (if you jump off the plane and land on top of the building using the parachute you won't have another one to jump off the building with, you will have to jump onto your face from 30-th floor, you will probably hit something on your way down and the documents will end up in some unreachable place)
6. deliver the documents (someone will probably chase after you and attempt to kill you)

As I said, a very easy mission

Tips and Tricks

If your mission depend on poeple having access to a chopper then give them the access instead of blocking chopper spawning on the whole map during this mission.

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